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The Botanical Joint hemp cigarette comes with a hemp filter made from 100% organic hemp.  There are 21 hemp cigarettes in each tin that are snugly fit within a reusable sleek tin container to ensure the longevity of your product and the planet.   These joints are discrete and top of the line made with 100% nug that has been sifted for any excess leaf or stems. All cigarettes are made in-house from flower cultivated by The Botanical Joint. Pick any flavor or all three with the party pack, we offer various experiences through; Indica in Cosmic Funk, Sativa in City Girls, and Hybrid in Tangie Blossom Herbal Blend. Try yours today!

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Frida- 16.19% CBD, 2.05%Terpenes(Melon + Blueberries), Sativa-Daytime, Outdoor Grown

Sativa, Energy

16.19% CBD

Terpenes: 2.05%

Terpene profile: Magnolia, Hops, Cinnamon, Orange, Chamomile
Frida is your go getter strain, perfect for setting your every day stage giving you exactly what you need to go forth and do great things with energetic boosts of love & passion.  You’ll find yourself breezing through your day like it ain’t no thing through gassy melons exploding your taste buds within blueberry taste fields.


WAP – 10.67% CBD, 2.02% Terpenes(Orange & Magnolia), Indica-Chill, Outdoor Grown

Indica, Relax

10.67% CBD

Terpenes: 2.02%

Terpene profile: Hops, Cinnamon, Orange, Magnolia, Pine 
Gas yourself up with this heavy hitter indica dominate CBD strain called WAP, her citrus notes will have you sparking right up. 

Not Your Bitch – 13.67% CBD, 2.36% Terpenes(Cinnamon+Chamomile), Hybrid-Anytime, Outdoor Grown

Hybrid, Anytime

13.67% CBD

Terpenes: 2.36%

Terpene profile: Hops, Cinnamon, Pine, Chamomile, Magnolia
Ready for that anytime of the day strain, look no further Not Your Bitch will have you going all day & night long.  Ride in on mellow notes of chamomile, spiced with sweet cinnamon magnolia notes.


Always Third-Party Tested

Everything from our fields to the finished product is tested and retested to ensure we maintain the highest standards of potency and purity. Third-party test results (called Certificates of Analysis) are available to view online for every product batch.

Certificate of Analysis (COA) available here.


Hybrid, Indica, Sativa


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